Should There be a White Student Union?

Advocates for the White Student Union lost by two votes in a debate held on Thursday, Sept. 27 at Towson University.
Whether or not Towson University should have a White Student Union group has become a topic of much consideration. The speech team held a debate that argued the pros and cons of having a White Student Union on campus.
Advocates for the White Student Union said their intent is to provide a safe place where students of varying ethnicities can rally together and examine and destabilize their feelings toward one another, it will be open to all students. The opposition feels differently and requested that those in favor of having a White Student Union describe what makes it necessary to have this group.
The idea of “white guilt” was mentioned as Kevin Whitley stated in favor of having a White Student Union. The group would be able to discuss how the white majority felt they were being treated by the black minority, and the focus would be on the idea of ‘whiteness’. Whitley said, “This could be an opportunity for white students to give their insights to issues that are not being addressed elsewhere. White privilege may be defined as an unearned advantage and has been characterized as a right. This group offers Towson University to provide an organization that offers a solution to work toward an equitable world.”
The opposition asked how African Americans could participate in this group. The advocates said, “The space will be open for Blacks and Latinos, to find a mutual ground for privilege.” The opposition inquired as to how the White Student Union would prevent the conversation from diverting to another topic. The offense was met with a defensive response from Lucas Oliveria, “If the organization is based on something, people who will be in charge will make sure it doesn’t change. If you want to talk about something else, make your own group.”
Corey Stine said, “It shouldn’t matter what the benefits are. The question is should the Student Government Association (SGA) approve. As long as white privilege is used to repress and separate others, it should not be supported.” Oliveria continued to argue that “the separation between blacks and whites will continue to exist, the only solution is to create a safe space for everyone to discuss it.”


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