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It is the summer of 2012 and Samantha Richman is making the two-week journey up the coast of California with her Dad. She looks on either side of her and sees the valley coast on her right with beautiful blue skies stretching toward the horizon and glances to her left where the sky meets the Pacific Ocean. It is her first time on the West Coast and the sweet smell of the air and the wind blowing through her hair leaves her wanting to see more.

The drive started after a four-hour flight to the busy city of Los Angeles. Richman was excited to explore a side of the country that she had never set foot on. “It was my first time on the West Coast and we drove north along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco” Richman said.

A usually 5-hour road trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco was turned into a two-week road trip as the Richman’s took their time meandering through the state, spending a couple nights in differing cities. “I never really travelled anywhere and California was somewhere I had always wanted to go,” said Richman.

Celebrity houses sprouted up everywhere, leaving much to see and good stories to tell. 2 ½ men, the popular television show that is filmed in California, makes it the perfect area to stop while Hearst Castle came shortly after and “it was so beautiful. It has 140 bedrooms” and it was the home of William Randolph Hearst who was a renowned publisher in the early 1900’s.

Richman could not think of a place she would rather go on vacation. “There is no humidity” she said, “we never get to experience this kind of beauty. There is such clean, golden air.” Reveling in her experience, Richman smiled to herself remembering how she and her dad had decided to take the 2-week road trip up the coast of California because she had never had an opportunity to travel. “I love my dad. I’m an only child so spending time with him wasn’t a problem. It was a good time.”