Social Media

This is an introduction to a book I am writing. I would like feedback, please let me know what you think.

People are so obsessed with their pathetic lives. They use the internet as a way to get their name out there. They like to think their lives are less pathetic and it means that a piece of you will be left behind years after you’re gone. It makes them feel better. It makes them feel like their lives are significant and someone actually gives a damn.

            This thought consumes us; we spend endless hours trying to make people care, to impress them. How many people can we get to like our status or profile picture on facebook? We judge our minuscule lives based on how many friends we have on a social site, even if we don’t talk to half of them. What’s really the point of it all?

            It’s just a game, a twisted social game and I refuse to support one part of it. I am graduating college soon and I don’t need to get involved with that. I’ve managed to focus on myself the past four years, nothing will affect my goals. Nothing will change, I won’t allow some social website to affect which employers want to hire me. I’ve worked too hard for too long, everything is going according to plan.


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