Power Outage in Nairobi

Day 7

I beginning to lose track of the hours; it has only been a week but the rooster is no longer loud enough to wake me up. I don’t know why, but I am much more tired here than when I am home. I take a nap after school every single day, something I never do at home. But perhaps that is because at home I don’t slow down long enough to realize I’m tired.

I shouldn’t feel so exhausted here, I am not doing any strenuous work. In fact, I hardly feel like I am being used at the school at all. I came down here wanting to make a difference and impact someone’s life. Yet I really don’t feel like I’m doing that.

Working on pictures for the kids

Working on pictures for the kids

Today the children had exams so all us volunteers did was draw pictures and numbers and spell world’s for the kids to learn next year. I was told that I would be working in an orphanage for 3 weeks and the hospital for 3 weeks… I am not doing any of that at all. The school closes next Friday and I dont think they know what to do with me. The other volunteers told me they thought they would be doing something completely different too. I can’t help but feel I am wasting my time.

Last night the power went out around midnight, I thought it wasn’t a big deal because it’s happened before and it was back on by morrning. However, when I woke up the power was still out and my phone was dead. I plugged my phone in hoping the power would come back on by the time I got home from school,  but no such luck.

The family got back today and Rose came over and  gave me a hug and said she missed me. It almost made me feel bad for being so happy she was gone all weekend. Almost. She’s really sweet, but she still smells.

We had dinner tonight by lantern and candlelight, 20151110_211424reminding me of when the power would got out when I was a kid living in the condos. It would have been nice except for me not being able to contact my family all day. Being able to stay in contact with the outside world is probably what keeps me sane.

The rain is coming down outside in droves. I would say it’s raining cats and dogs out here, but that sounds too cliche. I’m so glad I brought a flashlight with me. Thinking ahead really made all this easier.



  1. Nikki, you have made a difference in a most important life yours. Because of your bravery you have seen how other people live and will always hold the many blessings in your life dearly. And even though you don’t feel you have a made an impact on the lives of those you came to help you’ve shown them a very important thing the compassion that Americans have for those in need. A teacher once told me that you may never know all the ways that you helped a child and that is ok because you were there in their life however briefly. Stay strong you are an amazing young woman. Always, Ms. Lori❤️

  2. Hopefully the rain stops soon and the sun comes out. Don’t ever feel your wasting your time, cause even if your not doing much, you are seeing this world in a whole new light. You may not see it now, but you will see how much a better person you are as the years past. Your children will live a better life and not always want, as you can show them first hand how lucky they always will be

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