Getting Accustomed to Kenya

Day 9

Finally some semblance of normalcy today. The rooster gave it a break this morning, hopefully he made himself hoarse and lost his voice yesterday.

We got a variation at school today, we only did arts and crafts until 11 a.m. ish when we were asked to take the kids outside to practice for graduation. I wish I had pictures to show, the kids were so adorable dancing and singing and doing their catwalk. Five kids were chosen from each class to do the catwalk and the children walk up and down the “runway” and strike a pose while the other students clap and chant their name.

While we were practicing for their graduation, kids from the area stopped to watch. Their clothes were in poor condition. One girls stockings were so visibly old that her toes were no longer covered and holes were scattered throughout revealing her skinny legs. All of the children were dirty, their clothes tattered and torn, they sat and watched us and I couldn’t help but wonder if they looked upon our students with envy. They didn’t appear to have much other than the clothes on their back and an old basketball they used as a soccer ball.

There is an old abandoned beat up car that sits in the side alley next to the

Car used as jungle gym

Car used as jungle gym

school where we were practicing. I looked behind me and the kids that previously were watching were now climbing on the car, using it as their own personal jungle gym. It was incredibly sad to watch these kids get so much enjoyment from an old abandoned car because they had nothing else.

During lunchtime the other teachers seem t o be getting worried because I won’t eat more than a banana. I dont have the heart to tell them that I’m squeamish about flies in my food, I feel like that might offend them. They constantly ask if I’m okay or tell me to eat or ask if I’m hungry, I figure the best answer is I’m not very hungry, I just like bananas for lunch.

After getting back from school it was time to finally do laundry and oh was it an experience.  There are no washing machines here, everything is by hand. I really give the people down here credit, my back was killing me by the time I


Hand washing my clothes for the first time

was done from squatting hunched over a small plastic basin. The process is time consuming, e very thing takes a little longer down here. We have to fill the basin with cold water and then pour detergent in and mix it by hand. We have to then scrub the clothes20151111_153627 and put them in another bucket to rinse off the soap, ring it out and hang it up. The real problem is how in predictable the weather is here. It was sunny when we started and an hour later it was raining. So now I have to wait for my clothes to dry all over again. And let me just say, I am NOT pleased about my undergarments  being out there for the world to see.

The family had a bible study tonight and since I’m trying to be around the family more I sat at the table and worked on my blog, however it is impossible to sit in a room and not hear what they are saying. So near the end, Barnabas began talking about our sins and to not become a drunkard. He said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that those who partake in drinking will go to hell, dies young, and our souls will belong to the devil. So bad news for all of you out there who enjoy a good drink, you will live a short life and go to hell apparently.

And on a separate note, I went to my bed tonight and saw a small bug the size of a quarter crawl out of my mattress. It looked kind of like a stinkbug. I, of course, began hyperventilating as Rose walked in. I just pointed and said “what is that!?” She grabbed it (WITH HER HAND), threw it on the ground and stomped on it. While laughing she said, “Its just a cockroach.” I responded with “Oh! Is that all?” (Please note sarcasm.) That THING crawled out of my bed! I miss home. I did NOT sign up for that.



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