First Day Teaching

Day 15

I woke up starving this morning, it’s no surprised considering I haven’t been eating much. Eating bread for breakfast every morning gets old and I’m not overly excited about eating rice with a side of flies at the school. Dinner last night consisted of cabbage (which I have finally gotten used to), spinach (which I have also gotten used to) and ugali which is like polenta, basically flour and water. So it was no surprised when I woke up with my stomach hurting from lack of food. IMG-20151117-WA0003.jpegI quickly devoured two pieces of bread dipped in ketchup for a little extra substance and a cup of tea before leaving for school.

Ian and I were in class two with the oldest students and for the first hour or two we sat quietly in the back of class while teacher Tyson had th em practice for their graduation. We helped them when necessary which usually required us to teach the children how to properly pronounce a word in English.

Right after tea Ian and I took over the class. We went over math problems with them and they did very well, and then it was time to play games and sing songs, I decided to teach them Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. First I told them the story about Rudolph and was amazed that none of them knew what a reindeer was or who Santa is. Afterward I realized they just call him Father Christmas. So I wrote the song on the board and they copied it down and we taught it to them. Only half the class seemed to enjoy it so we moved on to a game of Simon Says but they didn’t really grasp the concept no matter how many times we tried to explain it to them. We moved on to story telling which the kids love because they get to come up to the front of the room and tell their own stories. To get their classmates attention they sing “story, story story.” And the class responds “happy story telling time.”

Teacher Tyson came to retrieve the class and took them outside for games. We played many games included statues and cop and murderer, but then Tyson wanted us to teach them a new one and I couldn’t think of a single game. I’m trying to get re-acquainted with my childhood and in some cases it works, but all of the games I thought of involved a prop or wasn’t feasible where we were playing. Ian took over thank God and then it was time to go in for lunch.

I actually did eat today, I was so hungry I knew a banana simply wouldn’t cut it, so I had two helpings of cabbage and ugali and I was STILL hungry.

Back in the classroom the kids were very loud, we walked back in to teach but they wouldn’t quiet down. Teacher Tyson walked to the windoe and yelled at them and told us not to let them walk all over us. So we attempted to take control over the class which was exhausting but worked fairly well. I decided to play a game and told them the winning team would get a prize, but only if they were quiet. The kids enjoyed picking out their team names and me and Ian took turns asking them math and spelling questions.

After the game we let the kids sing songs, so they came up to the front in groups and would present their song. It was very amusing to watch them try to sing Felix Navidad but they were having fun and that’s what mattered. Teacher Tyson came back in and out that to an end though. He told them not to sing songs they don’t know and not to make us listen to something they couldn’t sing and told them to sit down. I couldn’t help but think they are just children. Who cares as long as they are doing their best and having fun?

Finally 3 p.m. struck and Ian and I agreed we were not cut out to make teaching a career move. It was truly exhausting to get them to behave all day. I imagine it was what being a substitute teacher must feel like.

After school we walked up to the Nakumat so I could buy treats for the kids and also get snacks for myself and then we walked around. We saw the masai market was there and decided we would check it out, which between you and me was not one of my better ideas. Upon walking in people rushed up to us and I heard people calling me “sister! Sister! Over here!” and they were closing in on me and pushing jewelry on me and Ian got swept away by some other people and I got anxiety and began to feel very claustrophobic. I basically ran from them as they continued to call me and I told Ian I would wait inside. I don’t think I’ll be going to another market anytime soon.

Afterbgrabbing a quick coffee and a snack we headed for home but didn’t realize it would be getting almost dark by 6:15 and I don’t think I have ever walked so quickly. I cut our time in half and Ian, who is almost a foot taller than me had to jog to keep up.

The moment it got dark I got nervous and made sure to keep my head down and walk quickly. I’m trying to be smart down here, I don’t think I’ll be out that late again.


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