Feeling Reflective

Day 16

I finally stood up to Rose this morning. It wasn’t an overly big deal, but it felt like a small win. Last night around 10 p.m. she had two friends come over and all three of them slept in her bed, how they fit I have no iea. But at 5 a.m. they woke up and were talking and LOUD. 7 a.m. is one thing, but 5 is completely ridiculous. I gave it 5 minutes before calling down to her. She said “yeah.” I said “please, I’m trying to sleep.” The noise instantly quieted down and about ten minutes later they all left the room. One small achievement, but I’ll take it.

It was a slow start for me this morni ng,  when I finally did get up I felt a little under the weather, achy body, all the usual symptoms. I was thinking I might try to go home from school early so I don’t get more sick, so I took some medicine and was on my way.

Today was very low key and honestly the medicine had me a little out of it, so I was relieved when me and Ian were put to work in the office wrapping presents for the kids. It was certainly much easier than having to come up with games for them to play.

It’s really nice that I’ve gotten into a routine here, it makes the days go by quickly and keeps me busy. I am up by 7:30 a.m., out the door at 8:20, at school un ti l 3:30 and typically go home after. Ian hangs out until around 7, I have I dinner at 7:30 and I write at 8. Any extra time I have I spend reading. To a lot of people this may sound boring, mundane and repetitive. But how often to we spend running around. We are all in such a hurry to go nowhere and we rarely take even an hour out of our hectic days to enjoy a hobby or enjoy our own company. That’s something I am learning, how to slow down and how t o enjoy being alone with myself. At home I am constantly checking my phone and here its almost a relief not to have service. I feel myself learning to be okay with silenced and I have a strange feeling that when I get home everything will be too loud.

At the dinner table here it is rare that anyone talks, it was strange at first but I’ve since gotten used to it.

I think at some point in their life everyone should shut off their technology for a while and just enjoy the company around them. You’ll be amazed about what you learn, not just about others, but about yourself as well.




  1. It’s nice to see that you are adjusting to some things. Even though they don’t have much of what you or anyone here in the U.S. have, you still can learn from them. It’s the simple things in life. Good for you ❤

  2. I didn’t have my cell phone for 5 days and in the beginning it was tough, but I got used to not constantly checking it. Imy glad you’re settling in and feeling more comfortable. I love keeping up with you from your blogs!

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