In the Swing of Things

Day 17

This morning I woke feeling much better than yesterday, the medicine certainly did the trick. I’m now a little worried, I came out of the bathroom last night to see a cockroach the size of my hand on the wall. If you think I was going to kill it you are sadly mistaken, I ran quickly past it and it has since disappeared. If it turns up in my bed I promise I will lose my ever-loving-mind.

At school today we tried to keep ourselves busy and succeeded for the most part. Teacher Tyson has allowed us to have free reign with the kids so Ian brought in construction paper so we could teach them origami.


Ian teaching the students origami

Well….he taught and I supervised; I am at a loss with origami. Unfortunately we have this good cop/bad cop routine going on and it kind of stuck which is a bummer for me since I got stuck playing the bad cop. I end up walking around the room making sure they don’t get too long and behave themselves.

They listen to me pretty easily when I tell them to quiet down, but they ignore Ian’s feeble attempts to conduct order.

After making paper birds they wanted to make airplanes, so afterward we brought out crayons so they could decorate the I birds and planes. The kids loved it and it kept them occupied and mostly quiet.

The kids told me some disturbing news today. One of the boys, Ryan, was absent and Condoliza and Benta (two girls in my class) told me that a stranger took him after school yesterday and no one can find him. That really worries me. Ryan is a really good student and a sweet boy, I wanted to ask the other teachers if that was true but was afraid to bring it up.

During lunch I was sitting minding my own business when Reuben (a boy in my class)

came over and started playing with my hair. All of a sudden he started laughing because he noticed I have a gray hair. Awesome. Even halfway across the world I am still getting picked on by my few gray hairs, and by a child at that.

Saturday is the big graduation day for the kids and I was informed that I am the guest of honor. This will require me to get up in front of everyone and say a few words. It’s not the speaking in front of people that worries me, it’s what I’m going to say. So tomorrow I get to put together a speech and it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to family and friends back home because at least I have a dress for the occasion.

After lunch we watched the kids practice more for graduation before it was time to head home.

As usual Ian hung at the house for a bit and I eagerly pulled out my book, Jane Eyre, as I was nearly done reading it. I mentioned that I would most likely finish all the books I brought by the 1st of December. Ian looked at me incredulously and said there is no way that I would be able to, that four books. Ah, ye have little faith. *sigh* He clearly underestimates me, challenge accepted.

I even rushed through dinner tonight so I could finish reading it. Mila looked over surprised that i ate so quickly and was already back on the couch with book in hand. I smiled and said “I’m almost done and I have to know how it ends.” She looked at me in surprise and said “Already!? You just started it the other day!” It seems no matter where you are, the people recognize a bookworm when they see one.



  1. Yes, so did they find the missing boy? I went to school with your Mom since Our Lady Of Grace. She has raised an amazing family!!! You are doing wonderful work and going above and beyond!!! First time actually finally reading your blog, it’s great. I will keep up. AND!!!! Is there any way to be moved away from that rude girl??????

    • I’m so glad your reading it. Thank you for the support, that means a lot. They haven’t found him, I’ll find out today I he is at school. I was going to ask to move into the next room after the other volunteers left but they have people intermittently stay here so I decided to just tough it out. It’s getting better though, she has been much more quiet in the morning since I said something to her.

  2. Hey love,

    Still love you and am very proud of you. I am praying for that little boy. That’s terrifying. Please make sure to keep the string bean with you at all times when you go out, or just have someone with you. I’m so glad you’re adjusting well. I also am so proud of you for getting to be the guest of honor. My unsolicited advice? Speak from the heart, tell how you felt at that age when you moved on in the classes and just tell them how great they are. Not that you needed the advice, you’re a wonderful writer and you’ll put on a great speech. If you can, have Ian record it on your phone, I’m pretty sure you can post videos. Skype session soon?

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