Day 18
It’s been one of those interesting days. Only a half day at school meant there wasn’t much to do. A Little girl names Grace, about 9-years-old came running up to me to show the story she had written from the previous day. I had her read it for the class and had the idea to have them all write their own stories and then share them. Some of the stories talked about children sleeping on benches and shivering from the cold and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was from personal experience.
It was their last day of school and everyone was in good spirits, I took a ton of photos with the kids and just enjoyed my last day with all of them.
Damitilla gave me a certificate stating I had completed my work at Havill and thanked me for all I had done. Then she presented me with a gift. It was a decorative skirt, and it was so bright and beautiful. And soon as she put it on me the kids started screaming and clapping. I can’t help but feel that they love me as much as I love them. It makes me so sad to know I’ll be leaving them and I won’t see them again. They are all truly incredible.
When I got back to the house Bob was there, the older man who visited the other day. Ian and I took him up to the Nakumat so I got my exercise for the day in the form of a 3-mile walk. He quickly picked up some beer and we were on our way.
After arriving back at the house, Bob sipped on his beer while making casual conversation with me and Ian. I am so intrigued to hear about his experiences, and him likewise. I almost feel like I’m having one of my conversations with my grandfather, so it’s very easy to talk to him. I mentioned the other day that he works for a volunteer organization in New York and once a year takes a group of high school seniors to South Carolina for nine days to help fix up homes.
He told me out of all of the people he has met, he has enjoyed talking to me the most and thinks I could have a positive impact on the kids. He invited me to join the group as a chaperone. It will be free to go and to participate, they will be leaving the end of April.
I told him it sounded like an excellent idea and I would love to go. It could be another amazing experience like th is one and I’d like to help in any way I can, even if it’s on a smaller scale. We exchanged emails so he can send me all the details. I guess another great experience awaits me!


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