Laid Back Sunday

Day 20
I was so relieved to have today be my first day off and I was fully prepared to sleep in but unfortunately between my internal alarm clock and the rooster I still woke up at 7:30. It was nice to have a relaxing morning, I finished one book and started another.
A new volunteer arrived, Kristen, from Canada. She’s different and beats to her own drum. She has many tattoos including a full sleeve on her left arm, several facial piercings and three small gauges in her ears. Her hair is dyed half blonde and half brown, on first sight she looks my age, nearly 24. I quickly found out she is 30 and one of the most interesting people I’ve met. She has done so much travelling all over the world, some for volunteer work and some because she just wanted to go.
We chatted for a bit over breakfast and she went to take a nap. Around noon we walked to the Nakumat so I could grab snacks for the trip tomorrow and get something to eat. It’s been a few days since I had a properly filling meal. It’s relatively pathetic actually, I’ve started dreaming of food.
On the walk up and during lunch I found we have a lot in common and we could talk about politics and religion and all things related without worrying about being politically correct or offending each other. It was nice to have a discussion where we were debating openly and just understanding each other’s point of view.
The walk home turned into an interesting experience when Kristen, walking with her coffee in hand was greeted by a man who promptly took her coffee and walked away.
I just stared in disbelief wondering if that really just happened. She started laughing and said she had two choices and had to make a snap decision; the coffee just wasn’t worth it. As we continued on our way the man with the coffee started following us, so we stopped near a group of people, but he just hovered. Finally a nice man next to us yelled at him and pushed him on his way.
Many of the people began pointing to Kristens tattoos throughout the walk home, adults and children alike. I don’t think they have ever seen it before, at least in abundance.
After that it was very relaxing, the power went out for a while and mostly we read until dinner. A nice change of pace for me today, I finally got to talk to friends and family at home. It was so great talking and skyping with everyone and made me miss home a little more. And of course everyone is so kind, in one end I had my mom showing off the delicious stew she made knowing full well I haven’t been having proper meals. And on the other end, my friends showing off the beer they are drinking knowing full well that other than the one time I haven’t had a drink in three weeks. Its nice to know how much people care and love me.


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