Headed to Masai Mara

Day 22
Today is the day we finally left for Masai Mara. There has been no shortage of interesting things occuring.
I was informed last night that our van would arrive at 6:30 a.m. and we would leave at 7:30 a.m. at approximately 7 I was in the shower when Milla came to the door telling me the van was there and the driver was waiting. My first thought was he can wait, he was four hours late yesterday. I refused to rush and continued with my shower. Milla came to the door two more times; I still refused to rush. He could wait for me. At 7:15 I was done and we were on our way.
It took over an hour to actually get moving, we had to pick up two other passengers, a guy from Japan just visiting and a girl from Barcelona who has been here for two months doing volunteer work in an orphanage and who looks 20 but I later found out she is 34. Apparently women in Spain have eternal youth.
Shortly after picking them both up, the van started making strange noises and we had to pull into a gas station and wait for a replacement van while our current van was worked on. That took around an hour and we all stood around waiting. Ian sat down and made friends with a man selling fruit  while the rest of us just stood around awkwardly, waiting.
Being on the road again was a relief, we were looking at a six hour drive in front of us still. We stopped at a buffet for lunch which included a lot of the same things I have been eating, spinach and rice. It was a quick lunch before too long we were back on the road. I took a short nap and was woken up by a rough rumbling noise we had transferred to a dirt road that had a bump every three inches or so. It became a very rough ride after that. We drove around the side of a mountain that overlooked a beautiful valley, on the side of the road we passed monkeys, giraffrs, zebra, cows, sheep and more.
Unfortunately it is the rainy season so it was slow going on the muddy roads. At one point our van got stuck and we had to get our and help push. We stopped several times and most of those times I had no idea why. Each time we stopped children ran up to the window asking for sweets and one time they asked for a book. Ian turned around and said, “I imagine this is how a zombie apocalypse must feel like.”
Finally after 9 hours in the car we arrived at the camp ground. I was expecting tents, but instead we were shown into individual to oms, the girls each got their own room and the boys had to share. Personally, I think us girls got the better end of the deal.
After settling into my room I went to meet everyone else and we found out we were going out to see some of the animals.
So we all hopped back in the van to go on a safari adventure. We saw giraffe’s and elephants and lions, oh my! The animals were so close you could almost reach out and touch them.
We stayed out for almost two hours before heading back to camp. Once back we got some dinner and it was low key after that. I expected it to be more lively and for there to be things to do, but so far it is a tad disappointing. I’m in bed at 8 p.m.
If there’s one thing I’ll be looking forward to when I get home it will be having something to do and a reason to stay awake.


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