My First Safari

Day 23
Today we had to be up by 7 a.m., we ate breakfast quickly before leaving for our safari. We spent ten hours driving through the rolling hills and looking at all the animals. Our new friend Pam (from Spain) was I’ll so she couldn’t participate much but we still managed to have fun pointing out the different types of animals as we saw them.
We spent the majority of the ride in silence, which gave me WAY too much time to think. Five hours into the ride we came upon a lake. There were tour guides waiting to take us around. They were wearing camouflage gear and had massive guns that I assumed were for any animals that might attack us. One man led us past a sign that declared no one was to pass that point without a guide. I looked out to see a gorgeous view and for the first time in my life, hippos. When the tour was finished the guide shamelessly asked us for a tip and wouldn’t walk away until we gave him one.
I gave him 100 KSH and then asked to take my picture with him, which started a trend as everyone else got one as well.
We relocated after that to an area across the river to have lunch. The cooks back at camp packed us meals so large I couldn’t finish half of mine. It was an overall entertaining lunch as I watched a monkey run over and take a banana right out of a man’s hands. Using the restroom became an interesting experience when I went to wash my hands and looked up to see a snake chilling out above my head. It was at that point I decided hand sanitizer would work just fine.
After we finished our lunch we made our way back toward camp. On the way we stopped to watch a family of lions, the cubs were adorable. They ran and played with each other and fought over a plastic bottle, it was like watching a bunch of overgrown kittens playing together.
Upon arriving back at camp, there was a man from the Masai village waiting to show us around. We were greeted at the village by several men with large gauges in their ears and bright colorful clothing which we later found out was to keep away animals. The Chiefs’ son walked out to explain what we would be doing in the village but last minute told us the fee would be 1,000 KSH. None of us had much money and were surprised that after spending $400 USD and 500 Euro to go on the safari here we would be charged extra. Unfortunately as great as that would have been to see, they were not getting 4,000 KSH from us and we had to walk away.
We walked back to camp in uncomfortable silence before grabbing a cup of tea and talking for the first time all trip. We all ate dinner and then retired to bed after what had been a long day.



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