Thanksgiving in Kenya

Day 24
It is Thanksgiving and so far it is highly uneventful for me. I have spent the day in the car heading home from Masai Mara. I spent 8.5 hours in the car in complete silence. I don’t know if I’ve ever been quiet for that length of time in my life. The past three days have been spent in near complete silence, one of the perks to getting home will be having people to talk to again.
I may be having a second wave of homesickness given that it’s Thanksgiving and I’m alone in remembering this holiday here. Or it could be not being able to talk to anyone in three days, I can’t really be sure.
On the drive home I was surprised by how everyone else in the van was able to just sit there in silence the whole ride with nothing for a distraction. I brought with me two books and my ipod for entertainment. If it werent for those things I would have gone crazy from sheer boredom. We stopped a few times, once where I got a small present, once for lunch (Where I ran into Kristen, go figure) and once to check out the view from a mountain. I was too afraid to go near the edge, the platform was made of wood poorly pieced together that didn’t look very sturdy so I decided to keep my distance and appreciate the view from afar. I deemed it safe that way. It was the same mountain we had seen on our way in, it was picturesque with mountains forming a barrier and green plains stretching as far as I could see.
Once we arrived safely back at the house I set all my technology up to charge, most people use their phone for everything, I have a camera, iPod and phone. I’m a little behind on the times. I then sat down at the dining table where more silence ensued.
I am convinced that everything in the U.S will seem so loud and deafening in comparison. I know I already am going to be very low key my first few days home. I’m going to have to readjust to my life in the States. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



  1. It was a very somber day here as well. You were truly missed. I’m sorry it was such a long and silent day but its one you will always remember. You are experiencing what people only think of doing! Embrace what you have left. ♡

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