Saying Goodbye

Day 26
In all honesty today was the most uneventful day I have had since I arrived, which I suppose is good, everyone deserves a day of doing absolutely nothing, but it was difficult for me. I wanted to go out but being a small, young white woman held me back. Yesterday I walked to the Nakumat with Ian, he crossed the road but I didn’t and as soon as he was away from me men started to make comments about my relationship status. It quickly caused me to cross over to where Ian was, so today I was not keen on reliving that experience.
I was up very early this morning and after video chatting with my family I decided to take a shower and start my day.
Ian showed up shortly before he was due to head home to Ireland and pulled a small plastic bag out of his pocket. He told me he got me a gift but I wasn’t allowed to open it until he left. I’d be lying if I said my curiosity wasn’t peaked but I refrained from searching it’s contents.
We sat and talked for a while before he left and I finally could open the little bag. Inside was a note that said simply “because you didn’t get to go back to the bone store that time.” I looked inside the bag to find a necklace from the store I had wanted to revisit but never did. I was so touched, it meant a lot.
The rest of the day was spent reading and watching Netflix. It was very relaxing but I felt incredibly lazy. I’m ready to get out and interact with the world tomorrow.


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